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Dr. Susan Lim Is A Singapore-based Surgeon

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Dr. Susan Lim is a Singapore-based surgeon who is well known all across Asia because of her distinction as having been the first person to perform a successful liver transplant, which she performed in 1990. She won the “Spirit of the Century” Award, which was given to her by the public of Singapore at the end of a national contest to identify and celebrate the ideas role model for the 21st century.

Two of the premier hospitals in Singapore, Mount Elizabeth and Gleneagles Hospitals, can claim Dr. Susan Lim as an active surgeon. She practices in the fields of breast surgery, abdominal surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, gallbladder surgery, pancreatic surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery, transplantation, cancer, and robotic surgery. She has become a pioneer in the field of surgery, too, utilizing two new surgical technologies for Singapore and helping with the Da Vinci robotic general surgery program for Singapore. A team of 22 staffers, including administrative officers, nurses, and doctors, helps Dr. Lim to achieve her daily tasks.

Dr. Lim is a graduate of the Singapore Chinese Girls School and Raffles Institution. In 1979, Dr. Lim graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, with First Class Honors. She has achieved accolades for her work, both in academia and in the industry of surgery.

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